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President's Letter

Atlantic Beach Shag Club


Fellowship, Friendship and Fun While Preserving Shag Dancing and Beach Music

The Sand and Surf

First of all let me thank you for letting me be your club president this coming year.  I think we have a great new board starting to serve with Larry Castle staying on as vice-president and our ASCS rep., John Conneely as Treasurer, Phyllis Ford as Secretary (Phyllis is also handling our web site) an Jane Helm is staying on as Membership and Sunshine chair. Janet Guthrie will be our Ex-officio member.  


Special Needs – Please consider volunteering

We need volunteers for the social committee, I have a volunteer to co-chair but need another co-chair plus a few members. 

We need a chairperson for the special event committee; this committee handles our reverse raffle and Christmas party. We need members for this committee also. 

This year we are planning to do a 25th Anniversary Celebration sometime in the fall. I would like to have a special committee for this event.

The new board will be quickly looking at a rewrite of our by-laws. They badly need updating. This requires a 2/3 vote of attending members to change and a 30 day notice of changes.  The board will be looking at ways to increase participation in our socials and meetings. Your input on this would be greatly appreciated.  I think we need to have a least 2 special socials or events off site (not at memories) please give us your ideas and suggestions.  I think this club should have at least one charity event. Again please give your input.

Next Meeting and Social  
Our next meeting is our re-up party on July 9th.  Applications are at memories, online at our website. Jane Helms also has them. Please give your completed app to Jane or any board member with your check or cash. We will also have them available at the re-up party. Make sure to give us a good e-mail address and write clearly on your application. We want all members to get our mailings to be well informed on what is going on with the club. 

The last item I would like to address is the relationship between ABSC and Memories.  We have the best place to dance in eastern NC without a doubt; a dance floor designed for dancing and at least 2 nights a week for open dancing with top shelf DJs.  Memories also offers free beginning shag lessons on Wednesday night and free line dance lessons on Thurs. night. There are shag clubs all over the south losing their place to dance and having to find a new location or just dissolve the club or having to dance on a week night, we don’t want that to happen to us.  Please support memories in any way you can. Become VIP members, it is a great deal. If you can’t do that, please come dance with us on Friday and Saturday nights and bring guest. 

We all need to welcome new people we see when we are at the club. Most of them are dancers from other clubs. Introduce yourself - tell them about our club. It has been my experience that visitors confuse the ABSC with Memories and go away saying we are not a very friendly club. We need to make sure that doesn’t happen.  Please make new people welcome when they visit our home which is Memories.

My new e-mail address is abscpresident16@gmail.com. This address is just for ABSC business please uses it to contact me.  I look forward to seeing you on July 9th at our Re-up Party. More details will be sent to you soon.

                                                                             Carl Bowen 

                                                                                    ABSC President    

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